You will receive the duplicate digital file of any pictures you purchase. 

For example, if you purchase 20 of your favorites photos in an album then you will receive those same 20 photos also digitally on a custom flash drive.



Collection One $997

Heirloom box with (5) 5x7 Styrene Mounted Prints and corresponding 5x7 digital files

Collection Two $1697

Heirloom Box with (10) 5x7 Styrene Mounted Images and corresponding 5x7 digital files

Collection Three $2497

Heirloom Box with (20) Styrene Mounted Images or a Little Black Book and corresponding 8x10 digital files

 Collection Four $3997

Heirloom Box with (20) Styrene Mounted images or Designer Album plus a duplicate box or album for someone special and corresponding 11x14 digital files | 500 art credit


Corresponding sized digital files included with anything you order and saved on a custom flash drive with a personal printing release.


ADD ONS to Collections
wall art canvas

8x10   $200

11x14  $350

16x24 $475

 20x30 $650

30x40  $1000